Since COVID took over our travel life, most people are visiting places in their own backyard that they possibly never thought about visiting. If you are anywhere in the United States and thought about traveling to the Midwest, put St. Louis on your list as your next place to visit.

St. Louis, Missouri is smack dab in the middle of everything and it offers some great places to visit for couples as well as families. St. Louis has two championship teams in the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues. If sports isn't your thing, there's great local attractions, delicious eateries, shopping, entertainment, parks and some amazing museums that are worth a visit.

10 Things to do When Visiting St. Louis

1. The Gateway Arch is a world class structure that is the gateway to the Midwest. It stands 630 feet which equates to being 63 stories tall. It's breath taking anyway you look at it. While inside, you can tour the history of it being built. You can also take a four minute tram ride up to the top to get an ariel view of the city. It's also nice to just sit on the grass, have a picnic and view the flow of the "Dirty Mississippi River. You will certainly enjoy this adventure and it will be one you remember always.

2. The St. Louis Zoo has been named the nation's best free attraction. It houses over 12,000 animals an 500 hundred species. The St. Louis Zoo is also one of the only free zoos in the nation. More than three million people visit every year and it is one of the most popular attractions in the Midwest. The zoo offers many events throughout the year and they never disappoint. It's the perfect place to escape and get a glimpse of nature and other habitats. The zoo is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Don't miss this attraction when in town.

3. Six Flags is a great place to go if you want to embark on the scary side. With so many attractions, rides, delicious food and excitement this adventure is perfect for families as well as couples seeking to get to know each other a bit better. Six Flags has over 30 rides an nine water attractions that will give you a thrill. Did I mention the food? Well you won't be disappointed there either.

4. Tour the historic brewery at Anheuser-Busch and sample some of your favorite beer in the tap room and learn some facts. You'll see the famous horses, the Clydesdales and take a stroll through the processing an packaging. It's a great event for beer lovers and those who are just curious about how it is made. You will leave this tour well informed and pleased with your experience.

5. The St. Louis Art Museum is a must. Featured art from around the world and some local artist will wow your imagination as you walk around and see the culture and the expertise that makes this place so unique. Admission is free everyday. Some of the exhibits may cost, but I'm sure you will get your money's worth. If you get hungry during or after your tour, there's a restaurant located on the premises that serves a great selection of sandwiches and drinks.

6. The Missouri Botanical Garden is a heavenly escape into nature. The gardens offer a variety of scenes throughout. There are so many distinctive greenery and lots of paths to walk to learn about the origin of different plants.

7. The St. Louis Science Center is an adventure for all ages. There are over 700 hands on displays in conjunction with the life sized Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Omni Max Theater provides entertainment and an experience like non other. This scientific journey will connect you with your curiosity. This museum is one of the only free museums in the country. You will be intrigued and pleasantly surprised with your interest in science after leaving this

8. The National Museum of Transportation has more than 190 exhibits and is recognized as the largest collection in the world. From trains, planes to cars, there's a world class collection.

9. Save your appetite and visit Crown Candy for lunch. It's one of St. Louis' oldest and most popular places to catch a bite to eat. The old school decor and setting fits right in with their great selection of foods and drinks. You will enjoy taking a journey back with the soda fountain, milk shakes and sundaes on the menu. Voted for having the best sandwiches in America, with a specialized selection, there's something for everyone.

10. Take a stroll through Forest Park and Visit Art Hill. Art Hill is one of the most iconic and profound, peaceful escapes for summer picnics, sledding, concerts and film series. It's a great place to do it for the GRAM and take tons of pictures.

St. Louis has a little something for everyone. When choosing your next vacation, get in your car, catch a train or book a flight and meet us in St. Louis. Need a place to stay, check out this cozy place and be in the center of everything, book a stay a stay with Le Luxe One.